It's a family affair! 

The Kotsoros Family Bobby, Maria and Joanna, have worked to give the most traditional type of home and holiday let. The uniqueness of their buildings is evident. There is the memory of Old Kefalonia in the  design of the buildings,  they are character properties and have a story. 

Bobby Kotsoros has been building his beautiful traditional Kefalonia stone houses since the 1980's,  he has over 25 years experience in his trade. 

In August of 1953 on Kefalonia, a massive earthquake over a five day period, with a major tremor of 7.3 magnitude. The impact of this  took the original 365 villages of the island, and turned them into rubble and dust in just moments. The heart and soul of Kefalonia seemed irreplaceable and beyond comprehension!  Everything they knew was destroyed and for some it could never be replaced.

Bobby was born in time when he remembered those traditional homes. His dream was to see a part of Kefalonia that had been lost. He wanted to bring back that traditional part of Kefalonia,  that he remembered as a child. His idea, was to use the old stone of these former houses, the destroyed villages. Of course he would need to purchase the stone, because even though the houses were destroyed, the stone belonged to the families of the the island. From this idea the business evolved.

The attention to the details of the buildings is apparent, not just on the main structure, where you will see elegant  touches of carved relief work  that one would have only found  In early building work, inside also, wooden ceilings, beams, fireplace, and more. Every step of the way the family have helped and supported Bobby's dream to realization. They all have their input in the end result of his traditional stone buildings.

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Whatever your needs, whether it be a studio or apartment for holidays, all year round let. Or to purchase your own houses. The Kostoros family business have something to fit the bill. Take a look at the menus on the right to see the available property for purchase, short or long term rental and holiday lets.

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All property built prior to 2005 are now eligble for 19% Reductions governed by new legislation.

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