Cafe Tslenti Fiscardo

The Elegant Café Tselenti-Bar-Restaurant sits in the idyllic setting of Fiscardo the only village on Kefalonia that was not destroyed in the major Earthquake in 1953.

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Café Tselenti dominates the main, and the only square of Fiscardo. This impressive neo-classical building was built in 1893 by Minas Tselentis, the Grandfather of today’s owner who has the same name. The building was originally intended as a summer residence for Grandfather Tselenti’s family, who used to live and work in Russia until the early 1920’s, when, because of the prevalence of the Soviet revolution, returned for permanent residence to Athens. During the 20’s and the 30’s, the building was occasionally used as a public school, and also as a place for social gatherings, also festive activities. During World War II, Italian authorities had modified it in order to serve as Fiscardo’s police station.

1900 Dimitris and Anna Tslenti inherited the building, this was the son of Minas. They would 1900 Dimitris and Anna Tslenti inherited the building. 
During World War II, Italian authorities had modified it in order to serve as Fiscardo’s police station.  
In 1967 it would become the first hotel in Fiscardo with 6 rooms for guests and a maid service

Today Minas Tselentis with his wife Eleni, keep the tradition and history of the building. They run a welcoming and relaxing friendly bar-restaurant in which one may enjoy an extensive variety of freshly cooked dishes daily, from not only the Mediterranean but also international cuisine, the finest mouthwatering home-made dishes, desserts, coffees, beverages and liquors, served day or night.

Café Tselenti has an extensive menu and caters for all tastes, including the traditional Greek dishes such as Eleni's home made  Mousaka and Soutzoukakia ( greek meatballs in a fresh herby tomato sauce) Many various dishes are avaialbe on the menu. And Eleni boasts all are the very best freshly cooked  home made dishes! There are numerous salads, including a Blue cheese salad, or the wonderful Prawn and avocado salad. Fresh fish of the day is also availble.
Delight in Eleni's home made desserts, Apple pie (With Baileys), Fresh Strawberry cheesecake, Lime and Lemon Torte, Crepes ice creams  and far more! The evening menu changes and you will find even more tantalizing dishes to make your evening a memorable one!

The elegance of the past can be captured in the ambience of the restaurant, day or evening, when one may hear the sound of music drifting out of the building, capturing the atmosphere of Fiscardo. Minas has the most interesting selection of classical as well as music from around the world, together with an impressive sound system the scene is set.
 After the sunset the mood changes to one of romance and warmth.
The bar has a D.J. with an extensive collection of jazz music and an almost exhaustive collection of rock music, from the mid 50’s Rock & Roll and Urban rhythm and blues to today’s alternative rock and Indie music. There is music for everyone’s tastes!

Café Tselentii promise you a memory that you will take with you and always remember.

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