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I live and work in Greece permanently, I've been here around 8 years on Kefalonia. The decision to come to live was not an easy one, but finally I took the plunge. The first thing people say is 'I can see why you came here" Kefalonia has that certain magic and to many it appears as 'Paradise'. I'm fairly realistic and believe that 'Paradise' exists only in the mind! The bare boned truth about moving lock stock and barrel is not quite as romantic as it seems, for the 'rose tint' can quickly go for those that jump full pelt into the 'greener grass' on the other side! I certainly think it also depends on your circumstances! If you are thinking of doing it ...either to here or to another island, do it. The reason I say do it ...because each of us needs to experience this for themselves. You cannot judge by anyone else's experiences. Our life is blissfully quiet in winter. I have not returned, at this stage, since I got here, I do not fly back for visits to the UK. This does not mean I never will, It just has not happened at this point. I think something that a lot of people 'Think" is that because they holiday somewhere for 20 years and go there twice a year or so that they 'know' somewhere. Sorry this is not true. With respect this is so 'wrong' You cannot possibly know somewhere truly unless you live there 24/7 12 months a year. You need to experience it completely for many years. The favorite saying '.Stay for a winter, then decide' ( how many times I have heard this) Honestly do four or five years living and working in the system then maybe you have got to understand a part of what goes on!

People also ask how do we get on with the locals? A quick answer to that is, how do you get on with the locals at home? There are good and bad in every country, Greece is no different....the difference is only that you will have a language barrier and of course a different mentality. The Kefalonians are different they are not like 'Other Greeks' something you would have to experience by living here to understand. They are helpful but you should always be aware that life lives by the 'Avrio' rule ...tomorrow. As we know tomorrow may never come. Good intentions are always there and you will always find someone around to help even if it is tomorrow or the day after etc.

Things are very very different on a small island...You have the rush of the Summer where everyone is friendly and happy! Then in winter everyone vanishes and barely seen until next season starts. It is an unobtrusive lifestyle! But yes you can get fed up of nothing to do ..except go to the local town of Argostoli and yes it can be a little mind blowing unless you have something to occupy your mind and body, A good hobby is perhaps the best way to compensate the lack of work around during those winter months. The weather in winter is sometimes very very mild, these are the days we realize how lucky we are, with sun shining and stunning views all around us. By the same token we can have our bad weather days just the same.

Is life so different? Yes totally. Almost everything you knew you have to forget...It's like learning to walk again. There will be times of ultmate frustration...What the Hell did I do? Why on earth did I do this? but then you will go outside...and look around you and you understand!

Crime is here, but very little. What you do have in winter is a peace...time to get back in touch with yourself. I have plenty of hobbies including my photography and my graphics work online!

If there are any questions you want ask please use the contact button at the top I will happily post the answers here if I know them of course!


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