April 2008 Archive 

The big news for April was the Transfer of the Old Blog and the re-vamp of the New Domain into what we have now!
Theres more to see and snippets of information for everyone..Photographs on the Visions Blog and also on Kefalonia Photos
The project has been quite a challenge but we are slowly building and getting it all together!

I  want to say a huge thank you to you all for making the new Visions site and Blog even more popular than the old blog...We have taken a lot of hits from all over Europe since the end of March!! I offer a free simple subscription service to the blog this helps me and you!

Kefalonia Update: The season is nearly upon us and falls at Easter this year so many Greeks will be coming over from Mainland Greece to be with their families at this time.  Check out EASTER IN GREECE

There are a lot of new things happening on the Island as far as holiday companies go and whilst it won't affect the consumer too much it certainly has shook the tourist industry here on Kefalonia with many people wondering if they would have work at all this season! The big shift around has meant that tour agencies lost buisness and it has been moved to another agent, this also has meant that certain tour agents here have had a vast decrease in business and of course this means a reduction in staff. It also gave them further excuses to lower wages and in some cases for e.g. as much as 300 Euro per month pay drop per month! Given that there are hardly ever any pay rises anyway...nothing has changed except the cost of living here on Kefalonia, which for us is ridiculously high compared to our income.

Regardless of the above situation the flights will come in very soon and I am given to understand the first flights in will carry Dutch tourists! The Dutch market has really taken off over here in a big way in the last couple of years and also now Scandinavia whom we will welcome in around Late May, early June.   As far as the British guests go then we are supposedly to see an increase on this end of the market!

 I have  contact via e-mail with repeat  guests often wishing to return and asking about flight only and booking rooms.  This of course can be done. In the next couple of weeks you will find photos here on the site with accomodation.

The parking Meters will go into Argostoli around May 1st something that is going to hit like a bomb to all the people who double and treble park around the town. Read more on the VISIONS BLOG

The bit of good News for those of us working here there has been a raise in the winter benefit payments from OAED this has gone up to around 400 euros Per month and it was effective from January. So if you have not got this money at this point then you can claim soon, even if you have signed off. June seems to be the favored month to be able to collect.

Kefalonia News

We are building up to summer now...and soon the season will start. There has been a massive change on the Island with companies taking over other companies etc. And this has had quite an unsettling effect on many people. What ever happens the Season will start May 1st.

The latest news on Baggage allowance I hear has gone down from 20kilos to 15 something that you need top check and to be aware of before over packing your suitcase. It seems they need money because the excess can work out quite high.

Our Robola Winery is going to be featured soon on the Visions Blog as they have a whole new building which is a tasting area and also a Museum so I will go up to take some photos in the near future!

Odysseus Unbound

This is an ongoing project to find the truth about the Homeric Ithaca, In march this year there was an update on Mr Bittlestones site there you can catch up with the latest news. If you have not read the book you can also find details on this on his site. This subject is a real bone of contention, and even though there is a great deal of research going on and seemingly a great deal of money being spent to prove all of this, at this point I read only theory. I purchased the book when it was first released...it is long but seemingly based only on theory. You should make your own mind up of course.

If there are any questions you want ask please email me I will happily post the answers here if I know them of course!


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