Fiscardo sits at the Northern tip of Kefalonia. It is the one place that most people want to visit at least once on their holiday! Fiscardo is the only area that retained most of it's original architecture during a devastating earthquake here on the island in 1953. The village is a hub of activity, particularly high season. It has a wonderful feel to it and errs on the side of Chic. It is not unusual to have famous visitors in the area, including amongst many, Stephen Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Tom Hanks, and many more!

The positioning of Fiscardo with views across the Ithaca/Kefalonia channel are stunning, here you are at the narrowest point between kefalonia and Ithaca of just 11/2 miles approx. There is also a ferry service from the Port of Fiscardo daily to Lefkas and surrounding areas. And we also see some beautiful and rather pretentious Yachts around in the summer here!

Tourism is the main source of income for the locals but you will find there are a lot of fishermen too willing to share their daily catches!

If you have not done your gift shopping by the time you reach Fiscardo don't worry whilst the area is has enough shops to help you spend some of your well earned holiday money! The only facility that seems unavailable in the area is a pharmacy.

The area took its name from the Norman Conquer er Guiscard find information on him HERE It was later it was changed to Fiscardo. The area has a unique feel to it, It is unlike any other part of the island. You can also visit the THE ENVIRONMENTAL MUSEUM

There have been many excavations around the area, and one in recent years turned up a Roman Amphitheater and also a Roman tomb! You can see my photographs On VISIONS BLOG,and read more about day to day life in Fiscardo!

There are plenty of places to eat and drink in Fiscardo.. You won't go hungry!

If there are any tips you want ask please email me I will happily post the answers here if I know of course!


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