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This Site now replaces our old Visions of Kefalonia!...please update your bookmarks!  There is more going on and a lot to read here, and photographs added regularly on the BLOG

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25/08 Kefalonia Mirtos Pocket  Desktop Wallpaper.....**NEW

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These can be found all over my site but there is one or two specific areas The above site where I am posting flash albums and this is more flowers than anything else at this moment

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25/08 Kefalonia Mirtos Pocket  Desktop Wallpaper.....**NEW


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Sarlata Property**NEW

May 08

Live your dream in Sarlata A beautiul newly built  property with stunning views in this desirable village
New Sarlata house more

April 08

These lovely traditonal stone properties available in Mines and Sarlata!

Its a Family affair
Sarlatta Stone Villa
Minies Stone Cottages

April 08

Fiscardo at the Northen tip of Kefalonia. It is the one place that most people want to visit at least once on their holiday.

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