July 2008

July hot Hot HOT!!!

The weather reached 40celcius in the early part of the month and now we are sitting at 35c it's hot and dusty!
 The Argostoli road is still being constructed and well under way but they have now ripped the road right up slowing all the traffic down at the busiest time of the year, when we have more cars on the road than any other time. The dust is a nightmare and they are only spraying it with water once a day! Everyone is moaning about it and Bus drivers when possible are taking alternative routes.

July 2008 Earthquake on Kefalonia?
Come on lets get to grips with this stupidity! Locals are going berserk they are all stunned by this HYPE about this 'So called' prediction!  It would seem that many Greeks who normally take their holidays here in JULY and August have canceled and gone somewhere else. The prediction was there would be a large Earthquake on 30th of July but it could be within 30 days before or 30days after. Now if someone wanted to affect tourism on this island this is the right way to go. It's a point worth noting also that the person that is 'Supposed to have said this' DENIED IT! Check this article out !
The buildings on this island are meant to withstand Major tremors and have some of the strictest building regulations in Greece. This really crazy situation has been blown out of all proportion. Greece is A very seismically active region and Kefalonia has had earthquakes for centuries. Nothing will change that.  But we are capable and very aware of how to deal with this 'Should it be a big one'
We have experienced a 6.9 not so long ago. Nothing fell down...no deaths, no injuries. Hell we never get any warning normally and this one is unsubstantiated rumor!

My Personal News
I have been trying to make a decision to leave Kefalonia and it's been a long time coming. I have seen many come and go in my time here, and finally I decided to  dip my toe in the UK water as I realised very quickly lliving on Kefalonia perhaps this was not a 'Forever' thing.
Life is very difficult here living and working in the system, this coupled with many other things, there are times when it seems just impossible. I love this island very much and that will never change, My job working as a guide for the last 9 years sharing my passion of the island has given me some wonderful memories. Sadly I had to come to terms with the blatent truth about trying to survive in the system here  Is impossible for us. I had never returned to the UK from the day I came until the last week. I have researched our eventual  return as best I can, and  without any doubt It is now in 2008 cheaper to live in the UK  than here on Kefalonia. Therefore we will finally leave Kefalonia in the winter of this year!  I have been back now this year,  and of course put feelers out for work and this is not a problem.
I am happy with my decision, finally..... all be a long time in the making.

I can hear people saying 'She is crazy' yes it's been said many times. My answer to this is 'We all do what we must do for our own personal reasons' I don't call anyone mad or crazy for the personal decisions they have to make....we do whatever we must to be happy. This is my wish.
 I would never say to anyone don't do it because we should all experience this for ourselves. Life has not been a bed of roses on Kefalonia and its not getting any easier and we are not getting any younger.
I will however be coming over on Holiday of course!
Catch up with us soon

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