June 2008

June: We are busy busy busy!
Kefalonia has seen big changes this year as far as tourism goes, we are taking in far more tourists, but particularly Dutch and  Scandinavians, double that of last year. The early days of May  we seem to lose a lot of our repeaters that normally come in at that time, but we are finding more coming in now (June)!
 The general opinion is 'Kefalonia is now expensive' This is true! And whilst I don't want to hover on a negative point here, I want to say that 'yes' it is more expensive, but then so is everywhere in the world. The days of 'cheap' are going fast and won't return anytime soon. Greece took the Euro this was our first Giant step, it also meant that prices have tripled in some areas. The cost of living on this island is not cheap there are not two prices one for you and one for us as many seem to think! We earn on average 700euros to 1000 euros per month in Kefalonia that is only for 6 months of the yea! Apart from local produce such as vegetables and some meat (not all) wine and tobacco. Nothing here is cheaper than the UK in some instances it is actually more expensive. Those prices are caused by things having to be shipped to the island. Not because we are paid high wages, most people have not had pay rises in 5 or 6 years! I would also like to add that no one here gets a free ride. IF you dont work you don't eat on Kefalonia its that simple! This accounts for Greece having one of the lowest unemployment rates also.

Did  the Earth Move?
Apart from prices rocketing  we have had several tremors, and the Earthquake in Patras stirred our awareness of the fragility of life on a seismically active island. Sometime things are blown out of proportion and yes some houses fell down in Patras, and sadly one man was killed during the 6.5, But the houses that fell were not new houses they were old stone tumble down buildings that were ready to fall! anyway!
Kefalonia did feel it but nothing was damaged at all. The houses here are built to withstand far larger tremors and earthquakes than that. Our buildings are very strong indeed!  

Weather wise it's been a mix of everything since we kicked in the season! Rain wind/sun breezy days that are fresh and beautiful. Humid days that are not so wonderful! But now we are heading into a mini heatwave for the next days of May with the mercury rising to 38celcius.

I will be back to fill in more on June!
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