Kefalonia Health Matters

Of course one of the prime considerations is about health care when you are leaving the UK to move abroad. I am loosely going to try and give you a broad spectrum picture here on Kefalonia.

Get your Health book from IKA as soon as possible.: Most important: you will need passport type photographs ( that's why you needed extras:) Take these to our IKA office in Argostoli. This book is vital to us all who live here including the Greeks. The hospital will wish to see it in the event of an emergency also of course it will be needed when you need treatment or drugs. Drugs are quite expensive here these days...most can be bought over the counter without a prescription but they can be costly. An Example I pay €24 for 14 tablets off prescription and around €12 with prescription from IKA doctors.

On the other hand if you need something quick and don't wish to go to the doctors, simply nip into a Pharmacy and tell them whats wrong very often you wont need to see a doctor if you have normal holiday problems. He will soon tell you if you do need to see a Doctor. Most pharmacists speak good English.

Doctors are good here and generally speaking you see a doctor that is not a General practitioner ( we do have them) For the main it is worth knowing we can just as easily go straight to a specialist for our particular problem eg.: ENT: Back: Stomach etc.. Now you can also find out if this Specialist does IKA or does he/She do a clinic at IKA. It is always worth the question because many do! A visit to a specialist can cost from 40euros. If you have blood tests and they are not on IKA expect to pay over and above 100 euros possibly a lot more. As soon as they say you need blood tests ask if it can be done through IKA. Very often the answer is Yes. the cost is then nothing.

X-rays can be done at the hospital but if you need a quick X-Ray then there is a private Radiologist here that is excellent and costs around €35 per X-ray. I prefer this than sitting in the hospital for hours.

Dentists are very good here and there are many. I have found one that speaks excellent English and for the first time in my life its a pleasure to go to see my dentist! A price for an extraction is around €30 to €50 depending where you go. There are IKA dentists but as with UK NHS they are few.

Spectacles: You cannot go to the doctors or Opticians to get an eye test. You go to a proper Optometrist they do the test they then give you the prescription and you take it to the Opticians. You can get spectacles on IKA with a minimum charge as in the uk. Again you ask the Question to the Optometrist. IKA?

I am sure there are a million questions that need answering for people that want to do this. I am no expert I am only giving you my personal advice and opinions, each person will have their own experience of these things. I just hope that I have given an idea of how these things work here and it helps a little.

If there are any tips you want ask please email me I will happily post the answers here if I know of course!


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