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Working on Kefalonia

TIPS FOR Those wanting to work here. Getting work is always a consideration when moving away from the uk here are a few things that may help you I cannot go in to minor detail but a general idea of the system.

Working on Kefalonia. This is an easy thing to do..If you have retired and are on a pension then it is possibly more realistic to say that the fact you may only need pocket money if you have a pension on hand would make life easier! But it's very different however should you need to enter the system Of IKA (National insurance) etc. By working here "most people" can only gain summer employment. There is limited work in winter! The wages are desperately low but the prices are relatively expensive and continue to rise, sadly the wages don't. You must obtain a contract of employment when you work if you need to work within the system for health benefits.

A Tax number is vital because you would need it for just about everything including having a phone connected, electricity and opening a bank account. You simply go to the tax office for this.

An Accountant: Everyone has to have one...they are worth their weight in gold and should charge you something like 40 to 50 euros per person per year to sort the headache of paperwork out, if you are jumping into our system here re. work etc. Don't fall for high price Accountants thinking you will get a better service you won't!

So you really do want to work here? Then be prepared for long hot days ...Great fun days, Days of frustration. The hours can be long the money is perhaps not what you imagine. But don't get any illusions then you won't be disappointed.

To start work you will need to show your passport and other relative documents such as a residence card. If you intend to work legally here it is still a requirement here on Kefalonia, I have contacted the EU on this point ( there is talk of this being abolished but it is still needed here on Kefalonia as Greece is in the EU but has not implemented the law at this point) if you wish to be registered here. You need to go the Police station with relevant documentation. Also Several passport photographs should be taken before going anywhere else, you will need them for several things. The residency card is no big deal today..It takes from a few days to 1 month. And costs the price of a stamp.

When you are taken on in employment you need to know if this is with IKA., This is the same as national insurance and you would be well advised to take a job with IKA for Health reasons unless you have excellent Private medical insurance. Also if you are not already at pensionable age it of course keeps you in the system! If you take a job in Tourism which is almost likely then providing you have paid into the IKA system for two full seasons. With no break. At the end of the second year you will be eligible to claim OAED ( something like Dole money) For the period of the winter. This is not exactly dole but its the easiest way to describe it. Your employee is obliged to make these payments from your monthly salary. If you are working full time then you should be getting 25 stamps per month. By full time I mean 5 to 7 days per week. You need to work a minimum of ( I think) 4 days to be eligible for IKA. That's the law. At the end of the season you should have one months current pay plus one month. Some companies say its a gift. It is not! ..this is your entitlement.

By the end of the second full season Your winter payment from OAED at the end of the second year is In total should be around 1.800e approx. (on present rates) That is divided into five payments of 367euro approx. with two separate payments for christmas and Easter. Sometimes you may get an extra payment for an extra month but do not bank on this!

If there are any questions you want ask please use the contact button at the top I will happily post the answers here if I know them of course!


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