Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and in the last few years has become a holiday hotspot. Mt. Ainos is the highest mountain in the Ionian islands and has become famous for the rare Kefalonia fir tree, 'Abies cephalonica'

The island covers an area of approximately 300sq miles. The population is approx. 43,000 people. The capitol of Kefalonia is the Prefecture of Argostoli where around 1/3rd of the population live. The islands second largest town is Lixouri with around 7,000 people. There are five main ports on the Island. Argostoli, Sami, Poros, Lixouri, Fiscardo.

We have seen a few changes on Kefalonia with regards to Tourism, particularly since the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin now we have many more planes bringing in an increasing number of visitors each year. For many years we had the majority of British guests arriving. This has changed we have many other parts of Europe and non European countries flying in. Dutch and Scandinavian tourist are becoming very prominent here also. Germany, Finland, Austria, Czech, Bulgaria, to name but a few. Importantly this island is also a holiday hotspot for Greeks and Italians in July and August.

Kefalonia has an incredibly interesting history which you can find many details around on the net. The most famous of its tragedies are of course the Massacre of the Italian Aqui Division during the second world war! And the devastating Earthquake in 1953 which destroyed most of the island. Interestingly Kefalonia is now considered to be sitting in one of the most seismically active regions of Greece.

An island of outstanding natural beauty, with stunning views around every corner. I have yet to meet anyone that disagreed with this! Kefalonia is very Green, it is an Agricultural island, and very self sufficient where growing its own crops is concerned. All types of fruit and vegetables are grown around the island! Farming fishing, Stock breeding are all the things and more that make Kefalonia self sufficient!

Wine is also something that Kefalonia is now becoming famous for, we have several wineries on the Island the most famous of course is the Robola co-operative. Robola of Cephallonia is now well known across Europe. It sits in the Omala region.

The patron Saint of the island Agios Gerassimos. The body of the saint lies within our Monastery here on Kefalonia in the Heart of the Omala region next to the Winery. A point worth noting ...Our patron saint is the Patron Saint of the Mentally Insane. Say no more!

The main shopping area is Argostoli, this will provide you with just about everything you need as a holiday maker including gift shops, jewelry, Photographic shops, Banks, we have two museums in the town, The Archaeological, and the Folklore. And during the height of summer we have the Aqui Museum which is dedicated to the Italian massacre on the island during WWII. Pharmacies are generally indicated by the Green cross and most speak English. Many medications are available without prescription here. You will find plenty of places to eat and drink all around the town, Generally one would recommend going to the Main square, either day or night, But Argostoli livens up at night. Shopping in summer gives you two opportunities, Morning or Evening. Best days for shopping in the evening: Tuesdays: Thursdays: Fridays. On the other days limited tourist shops only are open in the evening. If you want to visit museums..then you need to go in between 9am-2pm The Local bus station is KTel you can get timetables from there. Just as you enter Argostoli after the Sports stadium.

Weather wise

May::::Bright sunny, Stunning clarity, Can be cooler in the mornings/evenings, possibilities of showers in early <ay but nothing too bad, middle to end of May 20c to 25c is lovely, the water is not hot at this time as there is not too much power in the sun, but we have been known to have 'exceptional heat' but generally rule of thumb its ok! I love May and if you are a flower lovers this is the time to come!


JUNE:::: 28c to 32cWarming up nicely, humidity increasing somewhat, Less risk of rain( there is always the odd exception) but does not last.

JULY:::AUGUST 35c to 'Too bloody hot!!! The island is busy, It's at it's hottest at this time of year when temperatures can soar, We reached 47c+last year. That is exceptional. The humidity is always high too! However you would expect around 38c to 40c at this time of year. Remember the sun cream and sunhats, and your specs, mozzie spray etc.

SEPTEMBER::: A favored month by so many, Temps are nice around 28c to 34c water is perfect, skies clear, easy to move around.

OCTOBER::: Island cooling down, about may temps, slight chance of rain, cool in the evening and morning, island starts to wind down from summer madness.

RESORTS and transfer times

The main resorts of Kefalonia: Skala, Lassi, Lixouri, Lourdas, Katelios, Fiscardo, Assos, Poros, Sami, Ag. Effimia. These are not the only places to stay of course but they are the main ones. ALL transfer times are an approximate times only!!

to Skala is 50mins to 1 hour approx. from the airport.

to Lassi approx. 10-15 min's

to Lourdas approx. 25 min's

to Katelios approx. 40 min's

to Assos approx. 1hour

to Sami approx. 50 min's-1hour

to Ag. Effimia approx. 50 min's-1hour

to Fiscardo approx. 1hour 30-40 min's

to Poros approx 1hour-10-20min's

to Lixouri approx. 15 min'sto Argostoli: 20 min's ferry journey: Then 10 to 25 min's transfer to your accommodation approx.

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