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May 1st: For myself and many others saw  the season  under way. Dutch tourists actually came in on the 28th April,  and our first flights from the UK were on 1st of May, which of course as everywhere else in Europe, May day bank holiday! It seemed that Greece needed to mark the occasion with strikes across the country this affected transport in general including flights within Greece!  

Whilst the season is under way ever its a slow to wake up Island and 'not quite with eyes wide open' there is the sleepy feel to Kefalonia that we experience each summer ...Please allow for this..we are a little like hibernating creatures, it takes a couple of weeks to get the blood flow back into our summer legs.

From what I can see by going around the island with the tours,  there has been a fair bit of sporadic road re-surfacing, all to the good of course! This is particularly good news with respect to the Road from Poros to Sami, All though I have to say I am a little puzzled why they do a hundred meters and then miss 300meters and then do another 100 meters. Anyway the bad sections of that road are now pretty good making the whole drive through very comfortable indeed!
Talking of roads...The poros by pass is in effect so you do not have to drive into Poros as before,  you just nip around the back of it.

The New road to Argostoli  well...hmm?...It is still waiting to be done.... but...I see movement!  I will not say any more than this as I may tempt fate and it will all grind to a halt for another couple of years!

So far, up to now, the promised first of May car parking meters are not in place but  we are expecting any day/night for this to happen.

Weather wise its been nice for the last few days however still there is a chill in the air when out of the sun,  I would advise anyone travelling in to pack something warm for evenings and early mornings. Whilst writing this I  see there is a forcast of cloud for a day or two maybe a spot of rain. That will all clear up very quickly!

May is slowly drawing to a close and the season is starting to warm up! Lassi and many resorts are only really now beginning to wind up! The weather was changeable to begin with but now the days are warming up nicely!
We have had a few 'News' moments in May Particularly in Sami.
Of course the Petrol strke nearly brought the island to a standstill and then the Lorry drivers stopped deliveries because of their strike. Planes and boats stopped too! All in all nothing changes here at all!

The QE 2 Stopped in at Sami on her final year on the water and we got photographs of this you can see them on the Blog
here! QE2 In Sami

Whale hits Ferry!
Again in Sami late Friday night the Strintzis Kefalonia from Patras (Ferry) got a bit of a shock when he hit a whale! The whole of Sami now gathered around the Floodlit port as they tried to tackle the huge dead whale. No one is clear as to how this Whale ended up in Sami and certainly they are not sure if the blow from the ferry killed it which is doubtful or it was already dead when the ferry bumped into it.  Needless to say this was a rather large operation getting the whale out of the water via cranes late on Friday night. It's not unheard of to have whales in our waters of course but not commonly seen in this area between the island of Kefalonia and Ithaca! There was talk that this may be an Ocra whale but from the photos I  have seen I did not think so, and I know nothing but  it looked totally different to the Killer whale!  But I am sure all will be revealed soon!

The new Argostoli road is for sure  under way! Yes it looks like we may get our new road finally! The work started about 3 years ago and ground to a halt. New contracters have now started work on it and all systems go let's just hope that all stays calm and we get it finished!

The island has had a couple of trermors in the last few days nothing major and nothing to worry about at all!  We have not had any for a while and to be honest the locals say as long as we have these small ones we are ok. I don't qualify that I just accept what they say lol!

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If there are any questions you want ask please email me I will happily post the answers here if I know them of course!


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