August 08

August Humidity and Chaos

Chaos rules on Kefalonia during these months of July but particularly August! The mercury hovers between 35 and 40 and the humidity is unbearable at times.
Fires are popping up all over the place as we continue in toward September with no rain on the horizon. Here in on the way to our village 'Oddly' we are commonly seeing fire planes!
The chaos of August is moving quickly now and we will return the pleasant days of September a time we all love here on Kefalonia. There are many repeaters that come at this time so we know a lot of them. The days will hopefully cool down a wee bit and at least make it easier to sleep at night!

Julys  Prediction of an Earthquake nearly collapsed the Greek holiday market here on Kefalonia and many feel it was perhaps a political issue..We won't even go there. All we know it did/didn't happen there was a minor rumble. But hey here we all are still safe and sound!

Argostoli road..well hell what a nightmare this is you can see the photo of our roadworks here I know that you may feel we are making a big issue out of this but it is a big issue on this island! This is the main route into Argostoli and it's just dreadful!

Gerassimos parade...view here
This is the ceromial parade that takes place a couple of times a year when the body of AG. Gerassimos's body is paraded. The event was better than October of last year when it rained so much that they did not run the parade and  we had all stood waiting in the pouring rain for ages then they called it off.
Last year my Tour bus driver was in his selfish mood this day he lives in the Omala region, He took the wrong road into the Omala, parked the bus at the top near his village a,good 10 mins walk  away for us all, so we were up to our ankles in places with rain. Then the bus driver ( bless his heart) vanished and when he returned told me he'd been home for breakfast..needless to say I was not a happy bunny with him!
This year all went perfectly ...and the people were somewhat hot but we had a really lovely day!

Is Kefalonia Expensive?
Yes is the short answer to this, but  that's something we that live here already know of course and it is not relative on this island we do not get high wages at all! The prices are NOT different for you the tourist  they are the same for us too! On Average now things are far more expensive and of course the fact that Euro is so strong against the pound this will give you a lot less for your money!  No one foresees that this situation will ease, certainly not now!

Ok lets see what September brings us! Hopefully a shower here and there ( in the evenings) and fresh  bright days!

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