Kefalonia Sami

Sami is Kefalonia's second busiest port, and it was the setting for the film in 2001 Captain Corelli's Mandolin Sami is a Municipality which sits on the East coast of Kefalonia and has a population of around 3000 residents today.

The beautiful beach of Anti. Samos is worth visiting. Locally is Karavomilos, the popular tourist spots of Drogorati cave, and Melissani lake, are also within easy reach. Along the front you will find Banks, Restaurants, Bars, and Cafe's, shops, Ferry Agents, and just off the main road, you will find supermarkets, and a pharmacy.

History in brief

Sami has a very rich history and it is believed to have existed since the Prehistoric period. Sami was mentioned by Homer in the Homeric Epics, and made reference to the Cephallines. Sami port would have seen many ships sail off to the join the Fleet to sail to Troy. Many excavations in and around the area of Sami have turned up evidence that confirm it has always been a strategic Port. Many settlements have been found confirming Sami was a busy Port. The Ancient Acropolis which dates around 1580 B.C. to 1100 B.C. In the 5th century Sami was part of the four in dependant city states of Ancient Cephallonia, and was the leading city state of that period. Early settlers would have made their way to this port, and of course it was also the port where invasions often took place. During the 2nd century B.C.The Romans took Sami around 189 B.C. after 4 month battle. Piracy was a huge problem as this would force people to leave the island ( or indeed join them) this would continue up until the Venetians took Cephallonia in 1500 they finally, successfully defended the island against constant attack. As a strategic position Sami has not lost it's importance. But many things Including the decline in population of Sami due to the earthquake and the second world war. Of course these things took their toll on the area. Sami remains today as a popular tourist resort.

If you are interested in Walking in Sami there is a booklet that has been produced by the Municipality simply entitled 'Walking Trail' it should be readily available around the island, however you can contact the municipality of Sami directly on country code outside of Greece (0030) 2674-23401-2 : or Fax- (0030) 2674-23063 or e-mail here.

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