Desktop Wallpaper

This is our monthly feature of Visions where there will be a new monthly wallpaper free for you to download.There are now four sizes to choose from for your desktop wallpaper! 

Please contact me for specific sizes that you wish to see here!

Mini tutorial on setting up your wallpaper.

First of all right click on your desktop, scroll to properties: Click the Settings tab first to see what size your present desktop is. Then download your image and save to a folder of your choice. I recommend you make a folder in My documents/My pictures/ Desktop wallpapers: Having saved the file to this folder then go to your desktop, Right click again and go to Properties: Desktop Tab: Use the Browse button; to the Desktop wallpaper folder where you saved the file: Please set at centered: do not put on stretch or tile. All wallpapers are made for centered.

  1. Assos Preview and download
  2. Sami Preview and download 
  3. Stunning Nights Preview and download
  4. Karavomilos Wallpaper 
  5. Ag, Efimia *Preview and download
  6. Kastro Cafe *Preview and download
  7. Fiscardo *Preview and download
  8. Kefalonia Beach Bum 
  9. Kefalonia Memories
  10. Mirtos Pocket***
  11. To come *
  12. To Come*
  13. To Come*
  14. To Come*
  15. To Come*

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper section!

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